Plain Picture Frame by Cunill


PLAIN - Silverplate Picture Frame bu Cunill

The Cunill Silverplated Frames (like this in the Plain pattern) are handmade and manufactured in Barcelona, Spain.

Each Plain frame by Cunill  is made with stainless steel tooling for clear and distinct decorative patterns and exceed industry standards with 15 Microns of silver thickness versus the industry standard of 3 Microns.

Ideal for engraving, Cunill's Silverplated Frames due to thicker silverplating. State of the art, environmentally safe, tarnish preventative lacquer is applied to protect the silver.

All of Cunill¿s Silverplated Frames are backed with 100% solid African Bubinga wood and a Satin finish to hide fingerprints.


4x6 - sku 238950
5x7 - sku 238094
8x10 - sku 238859