Grooves Sterling Frame by Cunill


Grooves Sterling Silver Picture Frame by Cunill

Beautiful and stately the Grooves sterling frame by Cunill has a thin by distictive border.

Cunill Sterling Frames are handmade and manufactured in Barcelona, Spain. They exceed industry standards, crafted with 93%/94% pure silver versus 92.5% and maintain 0.4mm thickness as opposed to the industry standard of 0.2mm or less. All of Cunill Sterling Frames are constructed with stamped sheets of sterling versus soldered pieces and are crafted using stainless steel tooling for clear and distinct decorative patterns.

They are sealed with state of the art, environmentally safe, tarnish preventative lacquer and are backed with 100% solid African Bubinga wood. Tapered easels are constructed to hide hardware while satin finished lacquered wood conceals fingerprints

The Grooves Picture Frame comes in the following sizes:

4x4 - sku 242104
4x6 - sku 242105
5x7 - sku 242106
8x10 - sku 242107

Grooves by Cunill - 4x6
Grooves by Cunill - 5x7
Grooves by Cunill - 8x10