Using Fine China – Why Wait?

Countess Fine China

Countess Fine China

Using Fine China – Why Wait?
Recently, I was putting wine glasses back in our china cabinet and my little 4 year old daughter got down on her haunches and peeked way back in the cabinet and started to reach for one of my Federal Platinum fine china plates  I instinctively grabbed her hand before she could touch it and told her that she mustn’t ever ever open the cabinet or touch Mommy’s nice plates.
“Why can’t I touch them?” she asked.
“Well, because they’re Mommy’s nice china plates,” I said and they are fragile and expensive.
“They’re so pretty, why can’t we use them?”
“We can use them,” I said, “but only on special occasions.”
“What’s a special occasion,” she asked.
Well, I responded, a special occasion is Thanksgiving or Christmas.
Why only then?  She asked.  “They are so pretty we should use them all the time, Mommy.”
Growing up, I think it was drilled into me that when you got married you registered for your fine china and once you were married you placed the china in a cabinet only to bring it out once or twice a year and my four year old daughter helped me to see that, that was quite silly.
I shouldn’t be afraid to use them and we could create our own special occasions.  I don’t use them every day, but we try to plan a fun lunch or fancy dinner where we bring the fine china out and my daughter absolutely loves it since she says the plates are so pretty it makes her food taste better…hmmm?

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