Berkshire Matte Reed & Barton Flatware

Berkshire Matte

Berkshire Matte by Reed & Barton

The Berkshire Matte stainless flatware by Reed and Barton provides a wonderful contrast with its deeply faceted edges and sleek center panel. The Berkshire Matte pattern offers a traditional yet contemporary design that is defined by its matte-finish. Reed & Barton is known for making the finest stainless flatware available, and the Berkshire Matte pattern is no exception.

The 5-Piece Place Set includes the Salad Fork, Place Fork, Place Knife, Place Spoon & Teaspoon.

Brand new silverware from Reed & Barton - perfect for every table setting.

We offer discounted pricing for purchasing multiple box sets:

12 5pc Sets - This configuration contains 12 of the 5pc sets

8 5pc Sets - This configuration contains 8 of the 5pc sets

4 5pc Sets - This configuration contains 4 of the 5pc sets


Berkshire Matte | 1 - 5pc set
Berkshire Matte | 12 - 5pc sets
Berkshire Matte | 4 - 5pc sets
Berkshire Matte | 8 - 5pc sets